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I've been reading Anne Blumer's insightful book, Get Rich Organizing, the second time around and it just puts a HUGE smile on my face! Thank you for writing it and oh my goodness-- I would have been lost without her Client Process Docs templates! They and her book are what really got me to the aha! moment of realizing that I could actually turn my passion into my career and I've been smiling ever since. I could never thank Anne Blumer enough! This book changed my life.
Joanna Greydon



“Get Rich Organizing–The Professional Organizer Survival Guide to Launch, Manage, and Grow a Profitable Business is a must read for anyone considering starting a Professional Organizing business. Anne has covered all of the nuts and bolts of forming a business entity including tremendous marketing ideas. She covers the entire client process from engagement to follow-up and teaches you new organizing skills and techniques to work with a variety of client types. The content of this book demonstrates Anne’s vast experience as a business owner and understanding of a variety of organizing methodologies and principles. No question is left unanswered.”
Laura Leist, Author of Eliminate Chaos The 10-Step Process to Organize Your Home & Life.



If you have ever thought about becoming a professional organizer, you should take a peek at Anne Blumer's book, Get Rich Organizing.
The book starts out with a comprehensive look at what it takes to be a professional organizer. It is an intense position to hold and not a decision to be made lightly so knowing some of the characteristics you need to have is important.
Anne also gives you a candid look of the considerations you need to review before you go into business. So many times it is believed that being self employed is easy. This is not the case and taking into consideration important factors can make or break your success.
If you're wondering about NAPO, Certification or even what specialties you can offer, this book covers them all. I love the "workbook" section at the end of the chapters so you can relate the information to your own business.
Chapter Two helps you assess your strengths and weaknesses. This books acts like a good friend-asking you the tough questions you may otherwise gloss over.
In lieu of reading lots of business books, Anne gathers all the valuable information you need and in one place including business plans, how to charge, business basics, legal needs, business naming, website development, and marketing.
One of the scariest things for new organizers is meeting with and working with clients. Anne walks you through the process of what to say, what to do, and how to successfully follow up with them.
Specialty topics such as paperwork, clutter control and time management. And, the big questions of difficult clients is also covered!
One of my favorite things about this book are the ready made forms at the back of the book. So many organizers simply don't know where to turn when it comes to forms and the business side of things.



"Get Rich Organizing contains a wealth of up-to-date information on working in the organizing industry, including certification, membership in industry associations, professional organizer specialties, desired characteristics, and even what's involved in a typical day. In addition, it covers topics that are important for all businesses, such as writing a business plan, setting fees, legal and taxation issues, as well as marketing and branding.

That in itself would make it a useful reference, but the author does not stop there.

The second part of the book is devoted to specific aspects of working with clients. Many of the books I've read do not address the organizing process, assuming that you wouldn't become a professional organizer unless you already had organizing skills, but there is a world of difference between organizing for family and friends while you hang out together and organizing for strangers who are paying you good money for your expertise! This book will help to prepare you for a wide range of organizing projects and challenging clients and help you avoid embarrassing or costly mistakes.

The thorough information is supplemented by a dozen forms you can adapt as needed for your own business, for needs assessments, letters of agreement, and much more.

Most chapters include exercises to encourage you to put the information into practice, and in some cases the assignment is to prepare a workshop based on the information in the chapter. I especially like this approach, because having material already developed means you'll be able to accept when someone asks you to speak on short notice.

I have to admit that I was shocked when I first saw the price of the book, but now that I've read it and seen how packed it is with valuable information and resources, I am confident that it will help you earn back the cover price many times over.”
Janet Barclay, Organized Assistant



“If I had to sum it up in one sentence, I would say that "this book needs to be on every new organizers book shelf!

Getting Rich has not a whole lot to do with money, it has to do with getting a rich experience from being a professional organizer and giving the richest experience for your clients (and yourself). The money just comes along with the experiences.

Anne Blumer, CPO shares her passion and dedication throughout the book and it's clear she is good at what she does. She mentioned in the book early on, that when she started her business, no such book existed. I couldn't agree more, that this book would have saved me a lot of time and energy when I started my business.

With her vast knowledge of the industry and as the owner of the Professional Organizing Institute, she shares a wealth of information on running an organizing business. Who wouldn't want to tap into that? She examines every step needed in starting a business, as well as gives you the tools needed to get right out into the field and properly assess your clients needs.

Everyone has the ability to be an organizer, but running an organizing business is an entirely different story. Anne really can equip you with everything needed to run your business and then some!

Great job Anne! As a five year business owner and professional organizer, I was able to get a lot of great ideas and information that I too can implement into my business... A great investment for any professional organizer starting out!”
Megan Spears, Owner Disorder2Order



“One of the things I love about this book is that Anne has included action steps you can take to move your business forward.  I have chosen to do a time and paper management class using much of the information I found in those particular chapters.  I had attended Anne’s training program before I became a Professional Organizer and was concerned that there wouldn’t be much new information in the book.  Was I wrong!   Marketing ideas, real life examples and there are even forms and checklists to use in your business.  I highly recommend this book to anyone in the organizing profession that wants to know how the successful organizers do it!  You won’t be disappointed!”
Cindy Vanhoff, Reclaimed Spaces



“I just wanted to thank you for writing your book, Get Rich Organizing. It is my bible for starting my new organizing business here in Texas.  I also ordered the templates for the forms you have created and they have been so helpful in developing my own forms. Thank you for all of the resources you have made for other organizers to utilize. They have helped give me confidence to get this business rolling!”
Laura Fernandez, Clean Slate Creative Solutions



"It is obvious that Anne wishes to share her passion and knowledge to assist those who are creating and building their organizing business. You can feel her enthusiasm and clarity as you move through the chapters which are FULL of tips and information that are bound to resonate with you. I am a seasoned organizer, and yet I found some new and innovative ways to approach many of the challenges within our industry.”
Sally Allen, CPO®, CTRS, A Place For Everything LLC, and author of the Independent Contractor Guidebook

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